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Disputes Tribunals Report: 22 Feb 2013

Our guide walks you through the process of settling consumer grievances.
How they work   Case studies   Justice or the law?   Our view  

Fair Trading Act Report: 01 Oct 2011

All about your rights and how to make a complaint under the Act.
Making a complaint   Common problems  

Farmed salmon Report: 07 Oct 2013

Does farmed salmon live up to its clean green claims?

Wills Report: 27 Aug 2012

All adults should have a will. We look at what you need to know about making one.

Free-range eggs Report: 09 May 2010

Are your free-range eggs all they're cracked up to be? We investigate.

Extended warranties mystery shop Report: 08 Mar 2012

Extended warranties are still being sold with misleading advice.
Rights and wrongs  

Bankruptcy Report: 01 Apr 2010

Your rights and obligations if you're declared bankrupt.
Coming out of bankruptcy   If you're owed money  

50 years of Consumer Report: 01 Dec 2009

We look back and celebrate 50 years of Consumer magazine.

Disputes Tribunal fees rise News Item: 01 Aug 2013

The cost of taking a claim to the Disputes Tribunal has gone up.

Business sale or collapse Report: 01 Oct 2011

We explain your rights when a trader goes into receivership or liquidation, or when a business is sold.

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